Jamie Borthwick of EastEnders “confirms” Jay’s final post on his death

Jamie’s Instagram tale has followers in a state of shock. (Image: Jamie Borthwick/Instagram)

After some emotional sequences, EastEnders star Jamie Borthwick seems to have revealed Jay Brown’s destiny, which is unfortunate for viewers.

Scenes that appeared on BBC iPlayer today, October 25, disclosed that Jay had driven while under the influence of ketamine, which resulted in a catastrophic accident.

The episode concluded on a suspenseful cliffhanger, leaving us on the edge of our seats and wondering if Jay survived the collision.

But by sharing an homage to his alter ego on social media and perhaps indicating that the character is indeed deceased, actor Jamie has confused followers.

“Jay Rip” gonna miss you, boy, we had a good time, he wrote, the song Time to Say Goodbye playing in the background, next to a cute photo of a much younger Jay.

Immediately, horrified followers expressed their emotions on X/Twitter, with many urging him to clarify that he is kidding.

Unfortunately, because Jay’s destiny is still unknown, it is now unclear if Jamie has disclosed a major spoiler or is just laughing.

Jay’s family, especially Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick), whose final words wished death onto the man he had raised as his own son, would undoubtedly suffer much if Jay passed away.

Given that Ben, Callum, and Billy have strained relationships with Jay, will they get the opportunity to heal their differences, or will they always regret their past transgressions?

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