Spoilers for Coronation Street: Lauren was underage when she shared films with creeps

Ryan finds Lauren’s hidden secret. (Image from ITV)

As she urgently seeks to get more money, troubled adolescent Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) on Coronation Street starts to selling intimate films and photographs online.

Lauren realized she had a debt to someone a few weeks earlier. After discovering that Ryan (Ryan Prescott) and Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) had slept together, she started using blackmail on them. However, Ryan soon discovers that Lauren has been publishing footage on O-Vidz, the same website he had used to gain money.

Lauren claims that she needs the money and threatens to inform Daniel (Rob Mallard) about Ryan sleeping with his partner if her account is reported, despite Ryan’s warning to report her for being underage.

When Ryan and Daisy reunite, he informs Daisy about Lauren’s pornographic movies and how he had to report her out of duty but is now worried that she may tell Daniel as payback.

But will they soon be exposed?

Actress Cait Fitton told Metro.co.uk, “I believe Lauren is incredibly desperate, and when you’re that desperate, you’re always living in survival mode.” Lauren has persevered. I believe that being desperate might have bad effects since it makes you selfish and unable to think clearly.

Because that is what she has been trained to do and the only method she is aware of to survive, Lauren will do whatever it takes to acquire what she wants. She takes advantage of the fact that Ryan genuinely cares about Daisy.

Daisy and Ryan have become the targets of Lauren’s extortion (ITV).

Lauren is aware that Daisy and she have no loyalty to one another and that threatening to include Daisy in the situation is the only way she can influence Ryan. Although I’d want to believe she wouldn’t, I fear that if doing so put her safety or the lives of others she loves about in danger, she may.

Cait explained Lauren’s decision to join the O-Vidz platform by saying, “Even though she doesn’t have physical scarring, she clearly has internal damage that she would like to cure and may view this as a chance to do so.”

Lauren has to earn as much money as she can since, although being just seventeen years old, she now views herself as an adult.

I don’t believe Lauren will consider the drawbacks of O-Vidz, sadly. Lauren is not unfamiliar with acting in ways to obtain money, as we witnessed via her encounter with Roy.

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