Spoilers for Coronation Street: Tim swears to stop Stephen’s funeral

Tim’s battle goes on. (Image from ITV)

In the wake of being attacked by Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) on Coronation Street, Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) is still losing control of his emotions.

Tim has been having vivid memories of his fight with the villainous businessman and spending two nights confined in the trunk of his cab since getting home from the hospital.

Tim went back to work at StreetCars tonight (October 24), continuing to act as though he has fully healed from the trauma, but things didn’t go well at all.

Tim got into a fight with a cabbie from another firm after being late to pick up Beth (Lisa George) at Freshco’s parking.

Because Tim was running late, it became clear that Beth had ordered another cab, which prompted both drivers to compete for the fare.

Beth eventually climbed into Tim’s taxi, but on the ride home, she was scared when Tim started to nod off behind the wheel and nearly collided with a moving vehicle.

Steve (Simon Gregson), who was worried and questioned whether Tim had arrived at work too early, was informed about the event by Beth.

Tim eventually became irritated at the cafe and believed Steve was meddling.

Tim stood up, but as he was leaving, he ran into Todd (Gareth Pierce) and George (Tony Madusley). Tim was angry and upset, and he instructed his friends to get out of his way.

Stephen was struck by Peter’s automobile and died as a result (Image: ITV).

Tim went to Eileen’s (Sue Cleaver) house that night with several drinks after Sally (Sally Dynevor) advised him to apologize to George and Steve.

Tim suggested that they spend tomorrow in the Bistro as they spoke. George rejected and stated that he had to go to work, but he gave no further details.

Stephen assaulted Tim and imprisoned him in the trunk of his car (Image: ITV).

When Todd returned, he revealed that George will officiate at Stephen’s burial.

Tim, who was rightfully incensed, said that Stephen, who killed three people and came dangerously close to killing him, didn’t deserve to be buried, but George held the view that everyone had a right to a burial regardless of their status.

Tim promised George and Todd that he would see to it that Stephen’s burial was postponed, but what exactly does he have in mind?

How will it affect people like Audrey (Sue Nicholls), who wants to bid her son farewell?

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