Two prominent EastEnders actors confirm if they will return.

We’re feeling optimistic after hearing from two notable former EastEnders actors about their potential comeback.

During their joint appearance on Loose Women on Tuesday, Joe Absolom and Louisa Lytton discussed their previous roles in the serial opera.

Joe, 44, portrayed Matthew Rose from 1997 to 2000 while Louisa, 34, played Ruby Allen from 2005 to 2006 and then again from 2018 to 2021 on the BBC series, albeit they were never co-stars.

In 2:22 A Ghost Story, the performers have come together on stage, with Joe portraying Ben and Louisa playing Jenny.

But did any of them ever consider returning to Albert Square?

They were asked the question on Loose Women. and the actors made it quite evident that either of their characters may experience it.

Could Ruby and Matthew find a way to return to EastEnders? (Image from ITV)

Louisa added that everyone who has ever worked on EastEnders makes you feel as though you know everyone else who works on the soap despite the fact that they have never really collaborated on the show. There, there’s a family.”

Joe remembered what happened to his character, Matthew, when they were asked whether they could go back.

‘I took a coach to Leeds. Not even on a train,” the man remarked.

He made a remark in response to the statement that the means of transportation was “returnable” and said, “I don’t know – it was a one-way ticket.”

Louisa, on the other hand, emphasized that Ruby ought to be incarcerated to everyone.

I could get you out, Joe said in jest. “Is it close to Leeds? I exclusively work in the northern regions.

Earlier this year, Louisa’s involvement in the play was confirmed (Image: Instagram/@222aghoststory)

Finally, they were asked if they would accept the chance to return to EastEnders if given the chance.

I guess so,” Louisa said. Don’t ever say never. Yes, of course.

Louisa voiced her intense delight about joining the cast of 2:22 A Ghost Story on social media in June of this year, when it was revealed that she had done so.

Happy to finally be able to announce that I’m back on the message boards! @222aghoststory has a new cast. At the time, she said on Instagram, “A gift of a part, a wonderful screenplay.”

Pretty ethereal material. Start catching us in the UK on September 1! Soon, bye.

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