As the Stephen narrative comes to an end, Coronation Street airs another shocking exit.

In Corrie, Elaine Jones made a choice (Picture: ITV)

Paula Wilcox’s character Elaine Jones has returned to Coronation Street following the passing of Todd Boyce’s character Stephen Reid.

Elaine recently confided in Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) about her regret over not realizing Stephen’s true nature earlier. Tim informed his mother that she wasn’t responsible for everything that had transpired previously. Tim is now recuperating from being abducted and thought to be dead by the bad businessman.

Following Tim’s disappearance, Elaine declared that she was of the opinion that staying in Weatherfield to care for her son would be preferable to leaving.

Tim, who was aware of all that Stephen had done to Elaine, advised his mother to take a moment to prioritize herself, get off the cobbles, and just enjoy her newfound freedom.

On Monday, October 23, earlier this week, Elaine was preparing to move in with her buddy after spending a few days with Tim and Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor).

Tim, on the other hand, was still having trouble with memories from his confrontation with Stephen.

Tim was acting normally at first, getting ready to load some of Elaine’s things into the back of his taxi, but he hurried out after realizing how terrifying it would be to be stuck in the small area for two nights.

Tim is constantly reminded of his horrific ordeal (Picture: ITV)

Simon Gregson, sometimes known as Steve McDonald, discovered him in Victoria Garden. Steve sat down with some chips and listened as Tim acknowledged that he struggled after his mother left, but he once again avoided discussing how his mental health is suffering.

Tim told a falsehood when Sally arrived, claiming he felt queasy because he hadn’t eaten enough. After that, he went back to his residence and prepared to pick up Elaine in his cab.

Elaine is known to come and go, so there’s a good possibility we’ll see her again.

What condition will Tim be in when she returns, though, considering that he is now concealing how he is actually coping?

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