In a touching homage, EastEnder Navin Chowdhry celebrates his wife’s significant achievement following her cancer struggle.

During breast cancer awareness month, EastEnder Navin Chowdhry shared on Instagram his wife’s significant accomplishment.

Two years after his wife “lifted the cup,” the Nish Panesar actor posted a picture of a mug that read “Straight Outta Chemo,” a reference to the 2015 movie Straight Outta Compton.

Two years prior. Mrs. C raised the mug. To all the cancer fighters out there, my sincerest love. October is not the end of cancer awareness,’ he said with the image.

William Ellis, who co-stars with Navin as Theo Hawthorne, quickly reacted to the post with love and support, saying, “Love and light to you and the family.”

Many of the actor’s fans used love heart emojis in their messages as they expressed their love for him.

The couple, whom he lovingly refers to as Mrs. C, have been together for a decade and have two kids together.

She had breast cancer, which Navin disclosed earlier this year in an emotional Instagram video in which he reminisced on his wife’s battle and wished other “cancer fighters” the best of luck.

“Like so many of you out there, my wife was diagnosed with triple-positive breast cancer back in the summer of 2020, and it simply opens a door to a world you hope you never see,” the guy stated.

There is a complex plot involving the Panesars. (Image: Jack Barnes/Broadcast/Kieron McCarron)

“Sitting here right now, during the operation, it really drives home how deeply touching your resilience and the fight that you have inside you to take this battle on, and how brave and courageous and heart and soul and spirit of all you cancer fighters out there are.”

Nish, a character in EastEnders played by Navin, is presently entangled in a major plot that has put his family front and center.

Even though he is making every effort to conceal it, viewers are aware that Ranveer’s death was caused by Nish’s son Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara).

Denise Fox (Diane Parish) approached the Panesars after finding video of the murder and was happy to learn that Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) took her seriously.

Unfortunately, Nish sided with his son and became aggressive when Suki ventured to doubt his innocence.

Now that family tensions are at an all-time high, will Suki be able to flee her violent husband?

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