Lucy-Jo Hudson is happy with her employment on Coronation Street following her departure from Hollyoaks: “I’m really fortunate,”

After leaving the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, Lucy-Jo Hudson, a former actress of Coronation Street, thought back on her part in the ITV serial opera.

In a recent Hollyoaks plot, Lucy-Jo’s character Donna-Marie had to deal with the death of her daughter Juliet from cancer. As a result of her struggles, the character was forced to leave the show.

Lucy-Jo reminded fans in a social media post about her part in ITV’s Coronation Street that her five-year run on Hollyoaks was not her first journey into the world of soap operas.

Lucy-Jo posted many screengrabs from her early 2000s stint on the show on Instagram along with a long message expressing her happiness over the entire experience.

“A tiny flashback!” She started. “I’m laughing so hard at these photos—yes, that’s me!” I always get the hot characters,’ she continued, adding an emoji for laughter.

“I’m back on “Classic Corrie” on ITVX and ITV3, as several of you have messaged me. It’s amazing that they’re still airing these episodes, especially considering that they were produced 22 years ago! Oh my god, where were those years?

Although the plot of “Killer Katy” was quite emotional and forced me to step outside of my comfort zone, I really enjoyed portraying her and learned a lot from the experience!

I had the privilege of working alongside my brother Richard Fleeshman, my mother Kathryn Hunt, and my father Tommy Craig. I gained a great deal of knowledge from them all. Those

Early this year, Donna-Marie departed Hollyoaks (Image: Lime).

“I had never worked on television before, and what a job it was!” Even now, the entire cast and crew remain incredible!

I’m really grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to portray wonderful characters over the years, and I’m already looking forward to the next one! I adore what I do!

Lucy-Jo’s sixteen-year-old character Katy on Coronation Street was involved in a contentious relationship with a forty-something guy named Martin Platt.

In a special ITV week, her storyline—dubbed “Killer Katy”—ended with her killing her father Tommy before ending her own life.

Following Lucy-Jo’s tweet, fans of the character were eager to express their opinions. One fan wrote: “I love watching original Coronation Street, especially the drama with Katy.”

“I adored this era of Coronation Street.” Another person remarked, “I was completely addicted and in high school at the time.”

ITV3 and ITVX are now the places where fans of Classic Corrie can follow Katy’s tale.

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