Emmerdale spoilers: After a terrible death, Belle weaves a tale of falsehoods.

Belle has something to hide. (Image: ITV)

During a special week of Emmerdale episodes, Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) steals the show as she reveals the Dingle family where she was when rapist Craig (Ben Addis) was slain. The issue? She’s not telling the whole truth.

Belle just moved in with James Chase, her boyfriend.

They have had a lot of push and pull in their relationship thus far; when one of them has a problem, they find it difficult to talk to one other, which ultimately jeopardizes their future.

This was evident when Tom neglected to inform Belle about his mother’s passing. Belle approached Tom when Jimmy (Nick Miles) revealed the information, and she was disturbed when he stated it wasn’t a huge problem and he’d prefer not to talk about it.

Future episodes will see Belle and her family members arrive to the tavern.

She takes a seat and waits for Karen Blick’s character Lydia to begin speaking.

After a while, Lydia admits that Craig was killed and says she thinks she is seeing the murderer.

We’ll find out through a sequence of flashbacks what various Dingles were doing to prior to Craig’s death.

Tom suggests (Image: ITV)

Lydia looks at Belle and tells her about her day with Tom, mentioning that he proposed after a wonderful dinner.

The fact that Belle isn’t providing an accurate account of the entire day is thus established, but what is she concealing?

And will her fabrication of events be accepted by the Dingles?

For some time now, we have been worried about Tom and his peculiar conduct.

Is Belle withholding evidence that Tom has a darker side, in light of Eden’s recent remarks suggesting he may not be as kind as he appears?

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