Spoiler videos for Coronation Street revelation Child hurt, massive affair bombshell disclosed, and Audrey shattered

Corrie is preparing for another exciting week filled with shocking discoveries and plenty of disclosures!(Image: ITV)

Another week of shocking discoveries and disclosures is in store for viewers of Coronation Street as bombshells are dumped at every chance.

Peter Barlow turns Audrey Roberts’ life upside down with a monumental revelation about the Stephen Reid death inquiry, while Daisy Midgeley leaves Jenny Connor dumbfounded with the truth about her romance with Ryan Connor!

In relation to Ryan, he finds something on Lauren Bolton’s phone, which leads to a finding of his own. Meanwhile, Stu Carpenter becomes concerned about Eliza after noticing that she has a bruise on her cheek.

Would you like a sneak peek at what’s in store?

To pass the time until our next trip to the cobbles, here are four short videos that give you a sneak peek into the activities mentioned above.

Here are some brand-new video spoilers. The implications of this week’s events, as always, carry over into the next, and there are a lot of unresolved issues.

Monday October 30

A trip at the corner store for a pack of gum is made by Peter before he goes to an AA meeting.

When Audrey shows there, the mood is uncomfortable as the tale repeats that it would only be a matter of time until the cops lock him up, implying that Jenny was never in danger from Stephen.

Audrey is angry when Peter reports that the police have abandoned the investigation despite knowing the truth.

Will she begin to see that Peter was only acting to save Jenny and that Stephen posed a threat?

O-Vidz notifies Ryan, which is understandable considering that he supplied content for the website. But the fact that Lauren is also getting these alerts on her phone is puzzling.

Ryan confronts Lauren after realizing that she is filming films for the business, and she abruptly leaves the apartment, reminding him that they are not in a relationship. Will Ryan do something? Or will he refrain from doing so out of fear of Lauren’s blackmail?

Wednesday November 1

Jenny, who recently found out from Daniel that Daisy is going to see her mother, contacts the Builder’s apartment to speak with Daisy. But Daisy finds it difficult to remain composed and bursts into tears when she admits that her mother hasn’t really been in contact.

In touching moments, Daisy confides in Jenny that she is secretly going to a hotel to spend the night with Ryan, proving their affair.

Jenny is unable to express herself.

November 3, Friday

When Eliza fails to arrive in time for the bus, Sam becomes worried. He confides in Stu, who promises to phone Eliza. But Eliza appears, racing around the corner with a black eye.

Eliza insists she wants to go to school even though Stu isn’t buying it and wants her to take the morning off despite her claims that she was hurt in Taekwondo.

These scenes from Coronation Street will show on ITV1 and ITVX on Monday, October 30 at 8 p.m.

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