Spoilers for Emmerdale: A dead corpse is discovered as the murders are “proven” in horrific scenes

One of the villagers killed Craig (picture: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Craig Reed (Ben Addis) has been killed.

The villainous character, who was sure he had done nothing wrong, carried on with his life as usual after raping Lydia (Karen Blick) a few weeks prior.

Lydia was in a bad state as a result of this. She was eventually able to inform the police and Sam (James Hooton), Mandy (Lisa Riley), and Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) about the attack, but earlier this week they gave her a discouraging update.

The family was informed by a police official that Craig’s case will be abandoned for lack of evidence.

Sam and the other Dingles were furious about this.

Mandy, Vinny (Bradley Johnson), and Belle confronted Craig at work, thinking they were doing him a favor, but it ended up making matters worse.

After receiving an update in Friday’s (October 27) episode, Aaron (Danny Miller) called a few members of his family to arrange a meeting at the bar.

Sam was informed by Lydia that she did not want her family to attempt to get revenge on Craig (ITV).

The Dingles were all in agreement that they had to assist Lydia, but Rhona (Zoe Henry) was there to reassure her family that violence is never the solution and that Craig will always remain at the back of Lydia’s mind regardless of his status.

As the talk went on, Lydia showed up.

Speaking to the Dingles, she stated that she alone had deal with the reality that Craig got away with raping her.

Lydia went to Home Farm after being very clear that she didn’t want them to go all Dingle on Craig.

Mandy believed Lydia was having an affair before discovering the truth (Picture: ITV).

It was difficult to tell as the discussion was coming to an end whether the Dingles had decided to honor Lydia’s desires or whether they had other plans.

As Sam was saying that he didn’t want anyone to go into trouble, Mandy was discussing the expense of a hitman with Caleb (William Ash).

Then, as the show was coming to an end, we noticed Craig’s lifeless body in a field.

In other brief teases for next week’s episodes, we saw Belle with blood on her hand, Sam hurt, Aaron with a crowbar, and Mandy sobbing in the salon.

We’ll find out eventually what these individuals have been up to, but did any of the Dingles have anything to do with Craig’s passing?

If not, then by whom?

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