The shocking Coronation Street farewell narrative of Peter Barlow has been “confirmed,” and it’s not a jail

Peter is about to make a spectacular departure from the cobbles (picture courtesy of ITV).

As Chris Gascoyne’s departure from Coronation Street approached, a lot of fans thought Peter Barlow would bid Weatherfield farewell in the back of a squad vehicle.

This is due to the fact that the adored figure killed Todd Boyce’s character, Stephen Reid, at the conclusion of Super Soap Week. Peter believed he was sparing Jenny from death when he drove into the bad businessman after noticing Stephen taking Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) captive.

In the most recent episode of the ITV soap opera, DS Swain (played by Vicky Myers) assured Peter that he would not be going to prison since she was unable to establish his intention to commit murder.

Although Peter seemed relieved, we are now unsure of how he will exit the show.

Peter and Carla parted ways.
Even if Allison King’s character Carla and Peter are happy together right now, we all know that soap operas frequently end relationships, especially when a pair is in the thick of a big plot.

Peter talked to Georgia Taylor’s character Toyah after leaving the station about coming to terms with the idea that he had caused a man to die. They got along well, but will past grudges come back and jeopardize Carla and Peter’s marriage when Toyah is about to ask Peter if he wants her to support him at an AA meeting?

enters a rehab
It goes without saying that viewers are aware of Peter’s alcoholism, and he has undoubtedly gone off the wagon a few times in his life, especially when things become hard.

And what could be more difficult than accidently killing someone?

Is this the end for Peter and Carla? (Image: ITV)

“We all know that Peter has experienced a great deal, so it’s understandable that he may be tempted to drink, which would actually be a decision to kill the agony and kill himself through alcohol,” actor Chris Gascoyne said. “He’s in serious danger here.”

Could Peter get reliant on booze and wind up in rehab because of the immense remorse he feels over Stephen’s death?


It’s possible that Peter finds the thought of remaining on the cobblestones too unbearable because he is obviously dealing with the guilt of killing a guy.

Ultimately, it can’t be pleasant to constantly be reminded of his past actions as he strolls down the road.

Maybe it will all become too much for him, and he will decide he has to leave Coronation Street and everyone in it, disappearing without a word in the dark of night.

fresh start with Carla
It would be hard to picture Peter departing without notifying Carla, as their followers have called them soulmates.

As a result, there’s a good probability the two may decide to part ways and start over somewhere new.

Could they wind up driving off into the sunset together? After sad incidents, they have both been known to take a break from the streets for a while.


As we previously said, Peter has evidently been experiencing severe remorse for murdering Stephen, particularly in light of the fact that Stephen had no intention of hurting Jenny.

Chris said, “He is in hell and fighting through dread, but it really starts to influence his mental frame of mind when he realizes that Jenny is very convinced she would have been alright.”

Is it possible that Peter may experience a breakdown and leave Weatherfield to get assistance?

fresh start by themselves

Given the strain everything was putting on Peter, would he be inclined to move somewhere else and start over?

Even if his family is close by in Weatherfield, may he choose to bid farewell to them all in order to rediscover himself?

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