This Christmas, EastEnders fans “figure out” the horrific weapon that killed a significant character.

Have fans worked out the murder weapon? (Picture: BBC)

This week, a group of EastEnders fans collaborated on social media to develop a theory on the murder weapon used in this year’s massive Christmas murder, and the evidence appears to support the claim.

Fans recognized the significance of a new décor piece that arrived in the Panesar home along with Priya and Avani (Sophie Khan Levy and Aaliyah James).

Priya and Avani packed their belongings after being ejected from their apartment, making care to grab a vase from the kitchen table.

The Panesars were subsequently informed by Avani of the vase’s importance, as she explained that it was the only item they had ever been able to acquire that they didn’t already own.

Priya made a great issue out of placing the vase back when Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) moved it from its prominent spot in the center of the dinner table the next day. This action truly captured the attention of the spectators.

One enthusiast took to X/Twitter to highlight the vase’s distinctive colors, pointing out that it appeared to have every color in The Six.

By now, viewers should be aware that The Six are a group of ladies who will all be wearing different colors and that they are all expected to be engaged in the Christmas Day murder.

Nearly all of their colors appear to be present in the vase’s glass, as the fan noted, which makes us wonder if it may be a significant hint.

Another fan added more proof, pointing out that every trailer for the plot that has been published thus far has shown some sort of broken glass, suggesting once more that the weapon may be made of glass.

The fact that the vase is constructed of glass only strengthened their belief.

Other fans expressed suspicion that there must be a purpose for highlighting the vase since it was featured in so many shots throughout the episodes.

Have the enthusiasts determined precisely which weapon will be used in the homicide?

Fans have speculated that Denise Fox (Diane Parish) may have been clutching a shattered bottle during the flash forward sequence, so it’s not only the vase that has drawn attention.

Fans noticed another possible weapon during the same episodes that the vase was presented, and it just so happens that the Queen Vic, the scene of the murder, already had this weapon.

Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe) saw several pineapple-shaped cocktail shakers among the items the Knights were unpacking from their Marbella bar. Anna (Molly Rainford) clarified that these shakers were used in cocktail contests.

Considering that it was a blunt object that was already within the killer’s grasp, one fan shared on social media their idea that this may be the murder weapon.

They also mentioned that since there were several other identical cocktail shakers in the bar, it may go unnoticed if it disappeared.

We’re sure there will be a ton of other items that capture our attention between now and Christmas—two months away—and we’ll make sure to document each and every one of them!

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