After his passing, Peter shocks Audrey with a devastating revelation in this Coronation Street spoiler video.

As a new spoiler video reveals, Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) is left absolutely broken in forthcoming scenes on Coronation Street when Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) drops a heartbreaking news.

After running Stephen (Todd Boyce), Audrey’s serial murderer son, down with his automobile, viewers will know that Peter was the reason behind his death.

Although Peter responded as though Jenny Connor’s (Sally Ann Matthews) life was in jeopardy, he was subsequently informed that Stephen had explicitly said that he had no desire to hurt her.

Audrey was not aware that the police had ended their investigation into Peter, fortunately, until Peter was compelled to divulge all the details in a recent teaser video.

Before his alcoholism meeting, Peter enters the Kabin in the video to get some chewing gum. He quickly finds himself laughing with Brian (Peter Gunn) over the story.

Audrey had to hear the news from Peter (Picture: ITV)

When Peter excuses himself, Audrey begs him to remain and savor his freedom while it lasts, but her entrance cuts short their joking.

Peter is forced to correct her when she angrily remarks that it won’t be long until he’s imprisoned for what he did to Stephen.

Brian attempted to step in, but Peter was determined to make his point and was soon telling Audrey the hard truth.

He said that the police had opted to withdraw the case against Stephen despite knowing everything about what he had said to Jenny.
He apologized to her and sounded serious as he walked out of the store, leaving Audrey upset.

How can Audrey handle her need for justice knowing that Peter is allowed to live his life as he pleases?

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