Spoilers for Coronation Street: A drama involving social services as Eliza gets hurt with her father Dom

What took place? (Image: ITV)

Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) got to know Eliza’s (Savannah Kunyo) biological father Dom on Coronation Street a few months ago.

Stu allowed Dom to meet Eliza despite her initial misgivings that he was terrible news, as she was eager to get to know him.

Sadly, after repeatedly letting Eliza down, Dom isn’t going to take home the Father of the Year trophy.

Eliza was offended by Stu’s comments about Dom, so she made the decision to live with her father full-time.

A committed In the hopes that Stu would uncover evidence against Dom, Stu then got in touch with a private investigator, thinking that he would bring Eliza back home.

The PI approaches and tells Stu that she hasn’t been able to uncover any information about Dom.

Stu invites Eliza over for tea after advising her to keep looking.

Stu becomes enraged when Eliza confesses over their meal that she was given detention for dozing off in class after staying up late watching a scary movie.

When Eliza gets a black eye later in the week, Stu and Yasmeen (Shelley King) are worried.

Stu has made attempts to get rid of Dom, but so far nothing has been successful (Picture: ITV)

Eliza says that while she was hit in a Taekwondo lesson, there is no need to be concerned.

But social worker Felicity stops by to speak with Eliza because Stu is worried.

Yasmeen is surprised to learn that Stu called social services, but is Eliza concealing something?

Did Dom cause the damage himself?

Or did she actually injure herself during the exercise class?

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