Peter Barlow’s last moments in an emotional Christmas departure are depicted in new Coronation Street photos.

After 23 years, Peter Barlow leaves Coronation Street (Picture: MCPIX)

A number of deeply moving sequences are planned for Coronation Street, with Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) preparing to say goodbye to the cobbles after many years.

Filming for the painful departure scenes, which will show on Boxing Day this year, is underway for the ITV soap opera. Peter is scheduled to depart on a tram, marking the end of his stay at Weatherfield.

You’re sobbing, not me.

Chris, who has been Peter for 23 years, was seen recording the aforementioned sequences. Based on the appearance of things, viewers will need to gather tissues in advance since there won’t be a dry eye in sight over the holiday season.

verified earlier this year that Chris was going to depart Corrie after 20 years on the street named for him.

We are aware that the actor decided to leave because he wanted to “explore other possibilities.”

Actor Chris Gascoyne filmed the scenes on-location (Picture: MCPIX)

“Well, he has just killed someone so there are so many storylines that can come out of that and so many reasons that he could not be around any longer,” Chris noted while discussing what’s planned for Peter before his departure.
“All I can say is that I am thrilled with my leaving plot; the scripts are excellent, and I am looking forward to seeing how people respond to Peter’s street exit.”

Think of us as very curious.

Fans will be aware that Peter has been questioned by the police following the murder of Todd Boyce’s character, Stephen Reid, whom he killed in an automobile accident while attempting to save Sally Ann Matthews’ character, Jenny Connor.

Chris was pictured getting onto the tram as part of the emotional scenes (Picture: MCPIX)

Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) later chastised Peter for what he had done to her son, even though she knew Stephen was a serial murderer and thought the taxi driver ought to be imprisoned for his actions.

To Audrey’s dismay, however, Peter is informed that he’s in the clear in later scenes.

The point is, what specifically motivates Peter to abandon the cobbles if he is not going to go to prison?

What does this imply for his future with Allison King’s character Carla? Is this truly how the famous Street couple will end?

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