Spoilers for Emmerdale: A dramatic and moving development Mandy conceals a sentimental secret.

When Craig (Ben Addis) is discovered dead on Home Farm property, the Dingles each have a dark and deadly truth hidden in their hearts. Emmerdale fans are set for a week of “betrayal and secrets.”

The secret of Lisa Riley’s character Mandy Dingle is very poignant. What conceals she from her relatives?

Karen Blick’s character Lydia Dingle was raped by Craig, but because of her trauma, she erased the proof. He was freed since the authorities had little evidence left for their inquiry as a result.

The Dingle Law was subsequently invoked by this act, requiring the family to pursue their own justice.

Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) discovers Craig; he has been brutalized and is lifeless. Lydia discovers this and is certain that one of her family members is to blame.

Why is this happening? (Image: ITV)

Lydia is interrogating the Woolpack when there is a lock-in. Lydia isn’t deceived by the obvious, despite the fact that the likely suspects Cain (Jeff Hordley), Sam (James Hooton), and Aaron (Danny Miller) all attempt to deny the charges or divert attention with alibis.

After asking the others questions, Lydia focuses on Mandy, who isn’t your typical Emmerdale killer, but anything is conceivable.

When Samson (Sam Hall) implied that Lydia had cheated on Craig, she was the first to jump on the bandwagon. In reality, though, the evil web developer had attacked Lydia and then distributed false information to malign her reputation.

Lydia searches for answers after Craig’s death (Picture: ITV)

Mandy is currently struggling with her remorse at hurting Lydia further when she was healing from her tragedy. As she attempts to explain herself and her truth is revealed, she gets very upset.

Could Mandy have tried turning the tables on Craig in an attempt to alleviate her guilt about calling Lydia out for infidelity?

Of course, it’s possible that her secret had nothing to do with Craig’s passing. What conceals Mandy?

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