Enjoying a night out with the real-life daughter of the Coronation Street great, Helen Flanagan

Helen went out with Hattie Dynevor (picture: James Clarke and Eamonn)

Star of Coronation Street Helen Flanagan was spotted out and about having an evening with the well-known daughter of one of her co-stars.

Actress Hattie Dynevor, the daughter of Sally Webster star Sally Dynevor, was observed strolling hand in hand with Helen, who portrayed Rosie Webster in the ITV serial opera.

It was said that the two had a great evening at the seafood restaurant Sexy Fish in Manchester.

On Sunday evening, October 29, they appeared to be in a good mood as they departed the venue.

Throughout her eighteen years on the cobbles, Helen collaborated closely with Hattie’s mother Sally, portraying her on-screen daughter.

They visited Sexy Fish in Manchester (Picture: Eamonn andJames Clarke)

She had several dramatic storylines at that time, but in the end, she departed the program in 2018 to take a maternity break.

In the meantime, Sally’s real-life daughter has become successful as an actor and will be joining her elder sister Phoebe, who also had an appearance on the program, in the next season of Waterloo Road.

Hattie is the daughter of Sally Dynevor (Image: Sally Dynevor / Instagram).

In the next season of the BBC school drama, Hattie will portray Libby Guthrie.

Following the announcement of her daughter’s casting, mother Sally rushed to social media to express her joy at her new position.

I’m very happy that Hattie Dynevor is now portraying Libby Guthrie on Waterloo Road. With a picture of Hattie in costume, she wrote, “Such a beautiful cast and staff.”

After splitting from her former fiancé Scott Sinclair, Helen recently made a rather targeted message on social media.

She posted a message from mental health specialist Dr. John Delony on her Instagram stories. It said:

“Wives”: Recognize this: Your wife isn’t broken if you witness her suffering. She is in pain. She is not in need of your fixes. You don’t have to advise her on what to do.

“What are one or two ways I can best love you right now?” is a question she needs you to ask. You are not the authority on her needs; she is. Show love by listening instead of speaking.

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