Following his exit announcement, EastEnder Jamie Borthwick clarifies whether he is going.

According to Jamie, he is staying on EastEnders. (Image: Jack Barnes/Broadcast/Kieron McCarron)

For fans of the character, actor Jamie Borthwick has announced that Jay Brown will continue to appear in EastEnders.

In the most recent scenes, Jay awakens in the hospital after being placed in an induced coma as a result of a catastrophic auto collision.

Before this, Jamie gave the appearance that Jay had passed away by honoring the persona on social media, taunting admirers.

“Jay Rip” gonna miss you, boy, we had a good time, he wrote, the song Time to Say Goodbye playing in the background, next to a cute photo of a much younger Jay.

The tweet frightened fans, who speculated that Jamie could have revealed Jay’s story’s conclusion and became concerned that their favorite character might actually be about to pass away.

Jamie Borthwick shared everything on Instagram (Image: Jamie Borthwick on Instagram).

He has now corrected the record once more by stating on his Instagram Stories that he will continue to be a cast member of the show.

The actor confirmed that Jay will be on our screens for a little while longer by sharing a gif of Leonardo Dicaprio with the words “I’m not going” written underneath.

After sadly losing his wife Lola earlier this year, Jay is presently going through a difficult time.

He started purchasing ketamine from escort Nadine after meeting her a few weeks ago.

Jay got behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated after Billy and Ben Mitchell (Perry Fenwick and Max Bowden) found out about his drug usage and the night he spent with Nadine.

The family was terrified to find that he had collided with a tree, and they endured several agonizing hours of waiting for word.

Thankfully, Jay seems to be recovering physically, and his connections with his family are also improving. Will they be able to help him while he carries on grieving?

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