Max Bowden of EastEnders dazzles audiences with his singing voice while advocating for the topic of eating disorders.

After sharing a video to Instagram, EastEnder Max Bowden has amazed admirers with his amazing vocals.

To promote an upcoming event, the actor Ben Mitchell shared a little video of himself performing Empty Chairs At Empty Tables from the musical Les Misérables on Instagram.

He said in the message below the video that he and friend and former Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten will be performing at the SEED eating disorder charity’s gala in November to help the organization.

He commented, “Especially with the year of suffering Ben has just had, I’m honored to have been chosen to sing a piece or two this year. SEED is an independent eating disorder organization extremely important to my heart.”

A counselor and Ben Mitchell’s family have lately been consulted by viewers of EastEnders, who are aware that Mitchell has been struggling with bulimia this year.

“The work that SEED does is as crucial as ever,” Max went on. “Over 1.25 million individuals in the UK are anticipated to suffer eating disorders, with the death rate still being very high.” See slide two for information on how to obtain tickets.

“While we wait, enjoy this flashback to our previous collaboration with Gemma!”

Max’s secret musical skill stunned fans, who flocked to the comments section to express their disbelief. One fan said, “Wow what a voice he has, didn’t realize he could sing, had some set of pipes of him.”

“Wow!” “My gosh,” a second person said, “I had no idea you could sing that amazing. I assumed you were an actor, not a singer.”

“Hear those pipes!” Ben need to perform more in EastEnders! Another penned.

on addition to speaking previously about SEED, the charity founded by her parents, actress Gemma Oaten, who portrayed Rachel Breckle on Emmerdale, has been quite transparent about her struggle with eating disorders.

The nonprofit organization seeks to assist and counsel individuals and families who may be dealing with eating problems.

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