Prior to Shona McGarty’s departure, the EastEnders boss unveils a Christmas miracle for Whitney Dean.

Caption: Exclusive: Whitney on EastEnders receives a Christmas miracle BCS

This Christmas, Chris Clenshaw, the head of EastEnders, has revealed one of Whitney Dean’s last plots, as Shona McGarty leaves the show after fifteen years.

Fans were devastated by the actress’s declaration that she want to pursue other jobs, even though she is aware that her alter ego will not end.

Before she leaves, there can be happiness since she is receiving a Christmas miracle.

Producer Chris hinted, in an exclusive interview with, that there was still more to store for her. I can certify that she will depart in 2024, or the next year.

“She and Zack have a great narrative, and they have a small miracle around Christmas or New Year’s.”

Though what that entails is still unknown, for now, the couple has made progress in their investigation into fostering after losing their infant daughter, Peach, earlier this year.

Whitney would appreciate a positive turn of circumstances, considering the years of misery and suffering she endured in Walford.

Whitney and Zack have had some really difficult months. (Image: BBC)

Shona McGarty recently spoke with Inside Soap about her reasons for quitting EastEnders, saying, “It wasn’t an easy decision since I’ve made so many friends.” I’ve seen a lot of individuals come and go, but Whitney has remained one of the most consistent figures.

‘I’ve been tasked with handling hard material year after year, and I’ve had so much joy working on so many themes, some of which have been delicate.

I know I’ll be sorry to leave my friends and family, but it was the correct thing for me to do because I have other things I want to do. I’ve had a decent run after fifteen years!

Shona appears to have her next gig planned out, as the actress is rumored to be “in negotiations” for the upcoming Dancing On Ice season.

After fifteen years, Shona is extending her reach (Picture: BBC)

Whitney won’t be the only subject of the Christmas episodes, though, as Chris anticipates what might be one of the most joyous seasons Albert Square has ever had, partly because of the revelation of the murder that was hinted at back in February.

He told us, “It’s really an ensemble affair.” I believe that occasionally, one family may be able to take center stage during Christmas. It was very much the Carters last year.

Not only did we see the Carters on Christmas Day, but we also saw the Mitchells, the Slaters, the Fox/Trueman/Brannings, and Mick’s final Christmas, so that family predominated.

That happens very frequently during an EastEnders Christmas, but this year we have the six ladies, which means we have six distinct tales that essentially cover the entire Square and the entire ensemble.

Since it is an ensemble work, all of those storylines begin to converge, knit together, and weave again.

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