Spoilers for Emmerdale: A passionate relationship is “confirmed” as Brenda presses Eric for sex.

We have no idea what to think these days! (Image: ITV)

Eric Pollard, played by Chris Chittell in Emmerdale, is definitely not going to win boyfriend of the year, but Brenda Walker, played by Lesley Dunlop, is about to get to the point where she can no longer put up with his behavior, which is leaving her very unhappy.

From the outside, the couple’s life appears to be going well, as they enjoy their joint chiropractic treatments and other activities.

However, issues are brewing beneath the surface, and Brenda quickly comes to believe that she is deserving of better. True, Brenda!

She’s always at his side and his rock, even if their relationship has always been a little rocky—especially when he couldn’t pick between her and Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter).

But now that he’s starting to snap at her without cause, she realizes something is wrong.

Being the target of unwarranted hate has left her perplexed and bitter.

Brenda, devastated that her partner could be unfaithful, seeks the advice of an unusual friend, Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler), who assures her that she deserves more and should look for a new partner.

Nicola gives Brenda advice (Picture: ITV)

Brenda is a woman with wants, and Eric is withholding the goods, according to Nicola, who for once seems to be speaking reason.

Brenda feels a glimmer of optimism at this thought. Maybe she deserves better after all! Brenda decides to break up with Eric and find herself someone who values her after experiencing a boost in self-esteem.

Can Pollard make the necessary changes before it’s too late?

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