Spoilers for Emmerdale: Two important characters make double exits

Following Tom’s announcement, the characters depart (Picture: ITV)

More characters are expected to leave Emmerdale soon after two decide to leave the Dales as a result of a family tragedy.

James Chase’s character Tom King just learned of his mother Colleen’s (Melanie Ash) death. He didn’t tell Belle about the news until she learned it from Jimmy (Nick Miles), which made for an unusual response to the announcement. Even after that, Belle was still annoyed with him because he refused to talk to her, acting as though nothing had happened, and he didn’t want to admit that he was sad.

Even though the pair moved in together, Tom seemed to be in a stressful environment all the time.

At times, his behavior with Belle has bordered on being possessive and domineering, especially when he was envious of her friendship with Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson).

Tom has always exhibited rather odd behavior. He has a violent side, yet he can also be kind and kind to Belle and other people. This has been alluded to on several occasions since he moved back to the hamlet, such as when he lost his temper when his car was taken.

They arrange to leave the village (Image: ITV).

After a romantic dinner, Tom proposed to Belle, but she wasn’t sure that marriage was the appropriate move for them—especially because her family was still mourning the loss of Craig Reed (Ben Addis), the man who had sexually assaulted Lydia (Karen Blick).

Tom reacted shockingly when Belle told him it didn’t feel like the proper moment for them to get married. She struck her head on the ground and he shoved her to the ground.

In spite of this, Belle is eager to continue helping Tom in the next episodes and urges him to get a ticket to Saudi Arabia in order to attend his mother’s burial.

He eventually confides in her about his fears of attending the funeral and expresses his desire to go with someone else. To show her support, Belle consents to accompany him, and they arrange to go out via plane.

Is Belle doing morally correct in remaining at his side?

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