Star of Coronation Street Jane Hazlegrove affirms that a character in a major Christmas plot was left in a “mess”

She gets into more difficulties. (Image: ITV)

In Coronation Street, Bernie Winter (Jane Hazlegrove) is known for pulling off a variety of con games. After all, she is the same mother who previously created fictitious positive pregnancy tests using her own daughter’s feces.

Bernie has seen significant transformation since then. She still enjoys ducking and diving to get a little money wherever she can, but her family is her first priority and she constantly tries to do all she can for them.

Bernie’s two kids are in constant need of her assistance. Paul Foreman’s (Peter Ash) son suffers from motor neurone disease, and his condition has been rapidly declining lately. With five children to care for, daughter Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) struggles financially all the time.

Bernie teamed up with Shelly Rossington (Natalie Amber), a friend of Paul’s who was conducting a fraud involving purchasing computers with a credit card from her former work, out of a desire to assist her kids and grandkids.

Jane Hazlegrove claims that while Shelly passed away lately, the consequences of Bernie’s complicity in the scheme are going to strike her in the rear.

Before she passed away, Shelly was involved in a credit card fraud with a former employer who mistreated her once she was diagnosed. She clarified that she was using the credit cards to make pricey purchases.

Bernie was there at Paul and Billy’s wedding recently (Image: ITV)

“Bernie, who has always had her hands in a lot of different things, realized there was a way she could assist Shelly get rid of these things, benefit herself in the interim, and make Paul and Gemma’s life better.”

Bernie soon receives a call from the cops, unfortunately. According to Jane, her character attempts to put on a brave face but is aware that things are serious this time.

Life is never boring where Bernie is concerned (Picture: ITV)

“Yet again, Bernie’s great traits shine through,” she remarked. She is certain that they are not after her and that everything will work out. It is what she is disseminating. That is the face she is putting on.

“There’s a tiny voice saying that this may be terrible, that her time is running out, but she’s still wearing the mask.”

Paul receives the heartbreaking news that his health is rapidly failing and that there’s a very good probability that this Christmas will be his last. Bernie is shocked to learn that she could be incarcerated at the one moment her kid needs her.

Jane disclosed, “Inside she is full of anguish and self-loathing.”

Since Gemma is also having difficulties, she has done it once more, and this time she won’t be there when they most need her.

“As a reminder, she need to get something like that tattooed on her arm.” Because, after all, it’s simply another pattern?

And the fact is that she has let them down and is no longer required. She didn’t consider the potential repercussions of attempting to assist them, so they are now bearing the cost of perhaps losing her. She’s disorganized.

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