Emmerdale spoilers: Eric snaps at Brenda whilst keeping his depressing Parkinson’s secret hidden

Eric is not who he is. (Image: ITV)

Chris Chittell’s character Eric Pollard is a staple on Emmerdale. The well-known figure has been a member of the local community since his 1986 debut.

By Emmerdale standards, Pollard’s life in the village has been quite peaceful lately. He was involved in the moving narrative that surrounded Faith Dingle’s (Sally Dexter) death a year ago. In it, the two former friends went through some heartbreaking moments together as Faith attempted to make the most of her final weeks.

She told Eric that she still loved him and expressed sorrow for not giving their relationship more time to develop. Faith was also very significant to Eric’s present partner, Brenda (Lesley Dunlop), who was glad to allow him to spend a few last memorable moments with her.

Since then, Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) and his son David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) have been the major causes of concern for Eric.

Eric, who frequently appears behind the counter to indulge in his love of a good gossip, had to save David when he went into financial trouble with his business.

However, Eric Pollard will be dealing with some serious concerns in his life in upcoming episodes. He tries to put on a brave front so as not to disturb his family, but Brenda quickly picks up on the fact that he isn’t himself.

When she asks him what’s bothering him, he pushes her away and lashes out at her instead of opening himself.

Is romanticism extinct? (Image: ITV)

Brenda is quite concerned because she doesn’t understand why her once-loving boyfriend is being so callous and icy. She turns to Nicola (Nicola Wheeler), who is never reluctant to voice her thoughts, for help. And Brenda may do far better than Eric Pollard, in Nicola’s view!

Brenda concurs with Nicola, expressing her anger and distress at Pollard’s recent treatment of her. She makes the decision that it’s time to move on and find a better man for her.

We are aware that Eric’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is what caused his abrupt behavioral shift.

This week, the adored character told Mandy (Lisa Riley) that he had the illness, but he doesn’t want any of his family members to know.

Will Mandy’s decision to maintain Pollard’s secret alter as it begins to affect his and Brenda’s relationship?

The longest-serving cast member of Emmerdale, actor Chris Chittell, shared his sentiments, saying, “I feel incredibly grateful to be handed this plot.” Parkinson’s disease targets a great deal of people in an indiscriminate, dishonest, and cruel way. I want to tell this narrative in a way that honors the bravest individuals who are suffering the most from this illness.

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