Emmerdale spoilers: Kim reveals her true nature as she murders in a startling new way

Finally, the truth (Image: ITV)

The truth of Craig Reed’s (Ben Addis) death has surfaced in Emmerdale; the rapist’s death was caused by an incident involving Kim Tate’s (Claire King) horse.

Sam (James Hooton) admitted to the Dingles at the close of yesterday’s (November 1) installment that he hadn’t been entirely truthful with them.

Next, there were flashbacks showing Sam and Cain (Jeff Hordley) at the barn where Craig was being held captive. Now that Craig was untied, Sam decided to let him go.

Cain then told Sam he had erred in letting Craig leave and voiced his rage and displeasure over what had transpired.

Sam became so enraged by the remarks that he altered his mind and decided that, in the end, violence was the solution.

Craig was later discovered by Sam and Cain on the Home Farm property.

A haughty and conceited Craig began to argue with Sam about their past friendship and reiterated his claim that he had never raped Lydia (Karen Blick).

Then Sam went after Craig. Cain sat in the car and watched as he kicked and hit him repeatedly.

Sam informed his family back at the bar that he thought Craig’s injuries from the fight are what caused him to pass away.

As Mandy (Lisa Riley) and Charity (Emma Atkins) and others attempted to fabricate an alibi for Sam, we discovered that his account of what happened wasn’t quite true.

Everybody has secrets. (Image: ITV)

In a different flashback, Craig was seen strolling across a field. Though he was in severe pain, he managed to see someone riding a horse in his hazy vision.

Kim confronted Craig after he had requested assistance.

Craig then became irritated as they conversed and took hold of Kim’s horse’s reins. Naturally, this infuriated the horse, which launched itself into a gallop and kicked Craig flat.

Kim moved Craig to observe that he was extremely close to passing away after soothing the horse.

Sam’s narrative didn’t finish with the confrontation in the barn (Image: ITV).

As the narrative went on, Cain showed in and advised Kim that they had to come up with convincing alibis. They decided to leave Craig to die and return to the village, with Kim waiting with her horse in the paddock while Cain went inside the bar.

She released the lead and urged her cherished pet to start walking by himself. Kim found it difficult to let go of the horse, but she knew it was necessary to do so in order to conceal the truth and remove a crucial piece of evidence.

Now that the gathering in the bar has concluded, what happens to each individual?

Together with Kim and Cain, Sam thinks he’s headed to jail, Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) has kept Tom (James Chase) from her attacker secret, and Marlon (Mark Charnock) is aware of Gus and Lucy’s pregnancy secret.

In addition, Mandy has kept Eric’s (Chris Chittell) health crisis a secret, Charity wants to reconcile with Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb), Caleb (William Ash) may or may not continue his affair with Tracy (Amy Walsh), and Vinny (Bradley Johnson) is withholding information about Aaron’s (Danny Miller) horrifying bullying.

Lies and secrets.

What may go wrong, if anything?

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