Kym Marsh, actress of Coronation Street, provides a heartbreaking update on her father’s cancer fight.

During an episode of Morning Live, which she co-hosts with Gethin Jones, former Coronation Street star Kym Marsh revealed a heartbreaking development in her dad’s cancer struggle.

In 2021, Michelle Connor, the actress, made public her father Dave’s prostate cancer diagnosis. Since then, she has provided frequent updates on his health.

While discussing his experience on Morning Live, Kym mentioned that Dave had put off seeing a doctor because of the Covid epidemic and said they wanted to urge people to be examined.

Sadly, Kym’s most recent report delivered devastating news: Dave’s disease had progressed, and physicians were unable to treat him with chemotherapy.

Kym is close to her father. (Image: Kym Marsh/Instagram)

“Unfortunately, there are additional cancer deposits farther up his spine according to the findings of his most recent scan,” Kym tearfully disclosed.

“They are performing more scans to check whether cancer has spread to any more of his bones, but they are unable to provide chemotherapy at this time. As a result, they recommended that we go spend as much time as possible with him and create as many memories as possible.” That’s what we have been doing, then.

They continued by displaying a photo of Dave and Kym at a Halloween gathering with Kym’s mother Pauline.

She went on, “He’s just loving spending time with his family.”

“He never stops grinning,” Gethin continued.

The actress recently surprised Dave with a new tattoo that she had gotten as a dedication to him, demonstrating how close they are.

Kym shared a video of his response on social media and talked about how Dave’s love of ice cream inspired her to get an ice cream tattoo.

I recently got a fresh tattoo for my dad. He’s been infatuated with ice cream ever since he was told he had terminal cancer! He eats one practically every day!

I got an ice cream on the inside of my forearm for him, and every time I look at it, it makes me think of my amazing dad! He really is the finest! Love you, dad,” she said in the photo’s description.

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