Spoilers for Coronation Street: Carla loses everything after lying flagrantly

How does the future appear to be right now? (Image: ITV)

After Todd Boyce’s character Stephen Reid cleaned out the bank account just before he passed away, Carla Connor (Alison King) is forced to deal with the possibility that the factory she has worked so hard to establish on Coronation Street is going to fail.

The insurance won’t cover the loss since Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) provided Stephen the bank account code, ostensibly unaware of Stephen’s ulterior intentions at the time.

Because of this, Carla is struggling to keep her company afloat. In a desperate attempt to attract additional business, she traveled to Spain, even though Peter (Chris Gascoyne), who is grieving the death of Stephen, really needs her help at home.

It appears that Carla’s vacation to Spain was fruitless when she returns to Weatherfield. She is aware that she will not be able to pay her employees’ weekly salaries since there is zero money left in the company.

The one glimmer of light is that if they can ship out a fresh order for a client by the following day, it could be sufficient to stabilize the situation because the client will pay cash on delivery. If they don’t succeed, Underworld will cease.

When Carla returns, a lot has changed (picture courtesy of ITV).

However, Carla is compelled to tell a massive falsehood by a dissatisfied staff team.

She informs the employees that they would all receive payment at the end of the day since the bank has located every penny that Stephen stole. Knowing that this order might make or break them, she urges them to proceed.

Unfortunately, her deception is discovered rather quickly. The incensed employees make the decision to leave, saying they will no longer have faith in Carla and won’t work if there is no assurance of payment.

Can Tina O’Brien’s Carla and Sarah persuade them to change their minds in time to issue the crucial order? Or is this the final time Underworld falls?

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