We are eagerly awaiting the amazing facts that EastEnders CEO Chris Clenshaw has revealed about the upcoming Christmas episodes.

A country looks into it! And this Christmas, the truth will be revealed (Picture: BBC)

Families all around the UK have a tradition of sitting in front of the TV and marveling at how horrible Christmas can REALLY go, thanks to EastEnders’ explosive episodes.

This year is no exception, with the well reported murder case taking center stage.

Like the rest of the country doing the investigation, program creator Chris Clenshaw is really eager about what’s to come.

The producer is hoping that this will be one of the finest holiday seasons for the program ever, and if the build-up is any indication, they will be onto a winner.

And he just joined Metro.co.uk for a talk to provide some information.

Sure, exactly.He said, “We’re incredibly excited with the excitement that the tale has produced.”

That is exactly what we intended: we wanted conversations, conjecture, and the development of individual hypotheses that individuals would then discuss with one another.

We intended the plot to genuinely bring the fans together, so we’re ecstatic that it appears to be doing so and that they’re loving taking part in it.

Although there is always a lot of pressure to perform, EastEnders’ Christmas scenes are usually amazing, and this year is especially wonderful, in my opinion. And until the very end, I predict that you will be speculating.

Linda—is she the murderer? (Image: BBC)

Seven weeks remain before that conclusion, and during that time, there will be a ton of drama as the plot thickens to get the individuals to the pinnacle of their own storylines just in time for the enormous revelations.

Chris informed us that “there’s a big lot that’s in the mix, and it dominates the autumn and the lead up to Christmas.”

Everything will come together as we get closer to Christmas, making it, in my opinion, one of our largest ever. Who the prospective bodies are will become clear.

Right now, I believe it could be practically any male in Walford, but as Christmas approaches, it will become more obvious who the last group of men may be. There are several curves and twists.

“It is really an ensemble affair,” he continued. I believe that occasionally one family may be able to take center stage during Christmas. It was very much the Carters last year.

Two more suspects are Suki and Denise (Picture: BBC)

Not only did we see the Carters on Christmas Day, but we also saw the Mitchells, the Slaters, the Fox/Trueman/Brannings, and Mick’s final Christmas, so that family predominated.

That’s usually quite typical of an EastEnders Christmas, but since we have six ladies this year, we have six distinct storylines that really cover the entire Square and the entire ensemble.

As a result, “it is an ensemble work, and those storylines begin to knit, weave, and clash together.”

Back at the beginning of the year, six stunned ladies were gathered around an unidentified dead body on the Vic’s floor in a flashforward episode.

Keanu is in danger because of his retaliation against Sharon. (Image: BBC)

because then, we’ve seen Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) wed Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley). However, when his debts mount, he will take drastic measures and set fire to the café, stunning Kathy greatly—especially because her family are at risk.

Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) was recently tormented by a ghoul from her past when Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) reappeared.

Theo has been aggressively stalking and attacking Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), and we haven’t seen the last of it.

As their battle intensified, Denise Fox (Diane Parish) learned about Ravi Gulati’s (Aaron Thiara) darker side.

Kathy’s life is about to collapse (Image: BBC)

Killer Nish (Navin Chowdhry) is about to find out that Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) is secretly in love with Eve Unwin (Heather Peace), which might have horrifying repercussions.

Finally, but just as importantly, Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) is planning a retaliation scheme against Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean). She is unaware right now that he wants to kill her and steal Albie, but what will happen on the day of their wedding at the end of the year?

Fans are excitedly clinging to the mystery as speculations fly back and forth among themselves.

Chris is ecstatic because it fulfills every goal he and his team set out to accomplish.

“It’s incredible how much the fans are noticing, about certain things,” he smiled. “It’s outstanding!”

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