Emmerdale spoilers: following Cain Dingle’s confession about the deadly horse, Kim Tate receives news

Will the secret between Kim and Cain stay a secret? (Image: ITV)

In the upcoming episode of Emmerdale, Kim Tate (Claire King) and Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) are on edge because they think the truth about rapist Craig’s death will surface.

Ice the horse inadvertently hit Craig as they were fighting Kim. Kim was thinking about phoning for help when Cain saw her, but they had agreed to let Craig die where he was.

It’s critical for them now that the police are in the community interrogating people. After questions about Kim and her relatives at Home Farm are already being asked, focus shifts to the Dingles and their various motivations.

Sam (James Hooton), who brutally beat Craig before his body was discovered, begins the next week as the main suspect as a result of the arrest.

Sam is questioned by the investigators in a police interrogation room after Lydia refuses to provide him an alibi.

As Cain departs on his quest to locate Lydia, he fiercely holds onto his innocence. She finds out that Kim’s horse killed Craig because Cain finally realizes how much pressure he has been placing on her when he finally catches up with her.

Kim has concealed Craig’s death’s true nature (Image: ITV).

Sam is devastated when Lydia decides to move out and stay at Home Farm; he had hoped that they might begin a new chapter in their relationship, but she is still stiff and silent.

As they wait for a little alone time, Cain contacts Kim to inform her that everything has gone according to plan with the Craig’s death inquiry.

They are clearly relieved that they are not in the spotlight, but can they keep this up?

Cain is aware that his brother’s life is being destroyed as a result of what has transpired, with Sam and Lydia’s marriage in ruins.

Although he and Kim seem to have gotten away with it for the time being, the stress on both houses doesn’t seem to be abating.

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