Spoilers for Emmerdale: Caleb moved in with an unexpected villager, tempting Tracy with threats of torture.

Tracy finds Caleb’s actions unbelievable. (Image: ITV)

An impetuous and passionate relationship between Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh) and Caleb Miligan (William Ash) has launched a dramatic new Emmerdale plot, and tension between the two will intensify in the next weeks.

It all began with Tracy calling Caleb a loser for using her husband Nate (Jurell Carter) as a lackey.

Caleb accepted the criticism while keeping his hands up, but as he could feel the tension building, he reached out and kissed Tracy.

She was shocked for a few seconds before going in for a second one, but as soon as she realized that neither of them could undo this, remorse set in.

Tracy’s mind is captivated by what is happening, but Nate is unaware of it as he has been betrayed by both his wife and his uncle.

Furthermore, Caleb creates complications by flirting with Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles), as neither side is sure where they stand.

Despite their blatant denials, there is chemistry between Caleb and Tracy as they talk about their indiscretion.

It is irreversible! (Image: ITV)

The following day, during Nate and Tracy’s lunch date at the Woolpack, Tracy’s gaze keeps wandering to Caleb, who is flirting with Bernice at the bar. At other moments, Caleb is just observing Tracy with curiosity.

Seeing how anxious his wife appears to be, Nate believes he is being helpful by matching her with a mentor for a college course.

Tracy is waiting for her appointment with the mentor, but when she doesn’t show up, Caleb likes to play mind games with her as he gradually draws her in.

Later, Caleb sneaks into Tug Ghyll to see if he can capture Tracy again.

But how far will things go until they again give in to their passions?

Producer Laura Shaw has virtually confirmed it, saying The incident will have far-reaching effects. Many of our people will be impacted by it.

We’re all extremely thrilled about it here. In the end, it will also result in a new arrival to the program, which I can’t tell you about just now since it won’t be until next year.

“It’s going to be explosive, and the hamlet will be in turmoil due to that new arrival.”

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