Emmerdale spoilers show a shocking new murder twist, a depressing Eric revelation, and Aaron’s heinous next move.

Next week, Emmerdale promises more heartbreak and significant surprises for a lot of people (Picture: ITV)

With lots of fallout after a stunning revelation, Emmerdale promises to be another action-packed week for the people living in the hamlet of the same name.

The ITV soap opera has been really captivating lately, especially when Craig Reed was murdered by none other than Kim Tate’s horse.

That will still be the case next week as the relevant plot develops, with some surprises in store, particularly for Sam Dingle, who is questioned by the police.

While all is going on, Brenda Walker is terrified for Eric Pollard because she knows that something is wrong with her lover, who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, as viewers are aware.

In other scenes, Aaron Dingle carries on with his harmful behavior, and Chas is resolved to stop it.

Are you eager to see what’s in store first?

We anticipated that you may be, so to help you pass the time until then, we’ve put together three brand-new preview video of the events taking place in the village from November 6 to 10.

November 6th, Monday

The police interview Sam over Craig’s murder.

The investigators get interested when he insists that Craig was still alive when he last saw him, as it indicates that he is the last person to have seen the rapist alive. Sam is eager for them to talk to Lydia, but he’s perplexed that she hasn’t stepped forward yet.

November 8, Wednesday

Much to Mandy’s surprise, Brenda arrives at her salon appointment. However, the greater surprise arrives a few seconds later when Brenda discloses that she and Eric have broken up.

Brenda clarifies that Eric made it extremely apparent that he never loved Mandy, despite Mandy’s insistence to the contrary. Will Mandy be able to help Eric open up to Brenda or be able to give him some guidance now that she is aware of the true struggles he faces?

November 9th, Thursday

Aaron is confronted by Chas for his careless actions, and Chas tells him to quit scaring Vinny.

Chas demonstrates her lack of fear of Aaron by grabbing him by the arm as he continues to refuse to back down.

These scenes from Emmerdale will run on Monday, November 6 at 7:30 p.m. on ITV1 and ITVX.

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