Spoilers for EastEnders: Karen’s shocking departure reveals her destiny after committing a repulsive crime

Is she delving too far? (Image: Jack Barnes/Broadcast/Kieron McCarron)

As Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) takes desperate measures to prevent their plan from being detected, she is about to become even more entangled in Keanu’s (Danny Walters) risky kidnapping scheme on EastEnders.

Keanu devised a dark scheme to abduct his son Albie and relocate to Abu Dhabi after finding out that his mother, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), intended to take him there.

But when Keanu was unable to flee in time, events took a turn for the worst, and he quickly made the decision to inform Sharon that Albie had been kidnapped from the park.

The strain is on Keanu and Karen as the people of Walford band together to try and find the missing youngster, especially with the police closing in on them in the events that will follow.

In terrified for Albie’s safety after receiving a ransom note from the kidnappers, Sharon hides the letter from the police before disclosing everything to Phil and Kat Mitchell (Steve McFadden and Jessie Wallace), who agree to lend her the money to pay the ransom.

In the meantime, Karen is terrified of what she has gotten herself into and is concerned about the fallout from Keanu’s scheme.

Things start to go wrong for her and Keanu at this point as she still finds time to write another ransom letter that specifies the time and location where they wish to swap the money.

Sharon is still inconsolable because she worries about Albie’s safety and demands that they comply with the kidnapper’s wishes in order to protect her son.

Karen feels as though things have reached a breaking point (Photo: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron).

Under the pretense that he wants to drop the guy himself, Keanu declines Phil’s rapid suggestion that he take the money and deal with the kidnapper himself.

Sharon gives in to Phil’s insistence on going with him, and Keanu worries that his plot has been thwarted.

All of a sudden, Karen and Keanu had to figure out how to get Albie back to Sharon without getting caught as the real kidnappers.

Soon after, Karen devises a scheme while sending Sharon a text message on a burner phone, requiring that the person who brings the money to the park go alone.

At minute 43, Keanu shares his concerns that things may turn worse if Phil intervenes forcefully with Karen, and he succeeds in persuading Sharon to allow Karen to make the transaction.

After Sharon finally gives in, Karen finds herself struggling to maintain her composure when she runs into Kandice’s husband Malcom in the park.

Now that Karen is fully involved in Keanu’s horrifying scheme, will she ultimately be exposed?

Is this the reason behind her departure from the show?

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