Spoilers for Emmerdale: Devastation as Lydia abandons Sam in the wake of a murder

Lydia must take a rest. (Image: ITV)

The Dingle family was in the news recently on Emmerdale when Lydia (Karen Blick) revealed that her rapist, Craig (Ben Addis), had been discovered dead.

She questioned each member of her family one by one since she was certain that they were the ones responsible for Craig’s death.

Lydia concentrated on her husband and his brother after learning that Craig had been imprisoned in a barn by Sam (James Hooton) and Cain (Jeff Hordley).

However, it quickly became clear that Craig’s true fate and their activities the day before were being withheld by Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper), Aaron (Danny Miller), Chas (Lucy Pargeter), Charity (Emma Atkins), Caleb (William Ash), and Nate (Jurell Carter). Even Lisa Riley’s character Mandy and Mark Charnock’s character Marlon were exposed for their deceit.

Lydia wanted nothing more from Craig than to move on from the horrible experience of being raped so viciously. She was starting to put her life back together with the help of Kim (Claire King), Rhona (Zoe Henry), and her family, as well as visits to a counselor at the Rape Crisis center.

However, when the police said they would not be pursuing the case, Belle, Mandy, and Vinny showed up at Craig’s office to expose him in front of his staff team, driven by her family’s determination to see Craig brought to justice.

Lydia comes to a choice. (Image: ITV)

When Craig subsequently showed up to the Woolpack, this backfired, and Lydia became upset when he threatened to kill her entire family.

Recently broadcast flashback sequences saw Sam assaulting Craig. It became clear back in the bar that he believed Craig had passed away from his wounds from the attack.

Sam isn’t a killer; in actuality, Craig was killed when Kim’s (Claire King) horse fled and booted him to the ground.

Lydia decides to make a shocking choice since she can no longer stomach the circumstances surrounding Craig’s death, even if the police are still looking into them. She informs Sam that she is leaving the family home and that Kim (Claire King) has extended an invitation for her to remain at Home Farm.

After being slain, Craig’s body was placed on a field (Picture: ITV/

Sam is inconsolable because he acknowledges that he hasn’t given Lydia the assistance she needed and that he may now have lost her forever.

James Hooton said, “It’s unclear if Sam and Lydia will succeed and regain any kind of normalcy.”
However, you would think that with time, their strength and relationship as a pair would be sufficient to allow that to occur.

They make a solid family, and I believe that their love is what keeps them together in spite of all the dangers and issues they face. In essence, our aim is that love will ultimately triumph.

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