Spoilers for Emmerdale: Tracy cautions Nate while revealing Caleb’s new purpose

Tracy shares her worries. (Image: ITV)

Caleb Milligan (William Ash) came to Emmerdale with a mission when he first arrived. True, his primary goal was to ruin Kim Tate (Claire King), but he also desired a reconciliation with his sister Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and brother Cain (Jeff Hordley).

Frank Tate was Caleb’s father, and he desired retribution against Kim for Frank’s passing.

When Kim saw what Caleb was up to, and realized he was underestimating her, everything went horribly wrong.

But despite this dismal beginning, Caleb has been progressively welcomed back into the town.

Caleb moved into Mill Cottage with his son Nicky (Lewis Cope), and he and Nicky started a new company together with Nate (Jurell Carter). And because of his growing faith in his brother, Cain decided to send Caleb on a covert expedition to retrieve Aaron (Danny Miller) for the community.

Tracy was previously approached by Caleb to discuss her new business endeavor (Picture: ITV).

However, there are a lot of individuals who don’t trust Caleb, including Tracy (Amy Walsh). She had good cause, as soon as Nate began working for Caleb, he became involved with the violent thug Harry (Robert Beck).

Since Caleb is his uncle, Nate is eager to spend time with him in the next episodes. Tracy says she would rather to spend a peaceful night in with Nate, and he agrees, as she doesn’t want to socialize with Caleb after their previous kiss.

Caleb, however, is occupied with working toward a different objective and begins to revive his romance with Leyla (Roxy Shahidi). Before Caleb’s scheme to depose Kim Tate was made public, there was a spark between them, but she has avoided his charms ever since.

Although Caleb is happy to report that he and Leyla have restarted their relationship, is his real objective only romantic?

Is he doing this to enrage Tracy, perhaps?

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