Teaser trailer for Coronation Street: Tragic death news hits the streets

In Coronation Street, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) is going to get some heartbreaking news.

Since learning that he has motor neurone disease, Paul has made it his mission to cherish his remaining family time.

Paul has had a lot of joy in the last few months, from traveling with Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) to being married in the Bistro (and a church!). However, since the MND will shorten his life, all of this joy has been tempered with melancholy.

Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) accompanies Paul to his most recent speech therapy appointment in forthcoming episodes.

Billy and Paul just tied the knot (Picture: ITV)

When Paul talks about how worried he is about his recent coughing fits, the speech therapist tells him he needs to visit an MND nurse, and Bernie notes the worried expression on her face.

Paul, Bernie, and Billy join her as they listen to the nurse discuss Paul’s application for the Personal Independence Payment.

Paul receives amazing news (Image: ITV)

Paul’s chances of purchasing equipment that will improve his sleep quality are increased when she says she can submit a document that would expedite the benefits.

Bernie is happy, but Paul’s attention is on the form that the nurse needs to complete.

Paul’s face falls as she tells him it’s an SR1 document.

Paul tells his family, after learning about it online, that an SR1 is completed when a patient has only six to twelve months to live.

Paul, Bernie, and Billy are shocked and upset when the nurse informs them that the form doesn’t show anything conclusive.

Time is running out, far faster than they anticipated.

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