In the Emmerdale spoiler video, Chas loses it with Aaron for his heinous bullying of Vinny.

In future Emmerdale scenes, Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) will have to deal with Chas’s (Lucy Pargeter’s) fury, according to a new spoiler video.

Aaron hasn’t made much of an effort to establish friends since his unexpected return to the hamlet in October, but he’s doing a great job at driving his loved ones away.

In recent scenes, Aaron angrily confronted Vinny (Bradley Johnson), insisting that he deliver Mill Cottage and the scrapyard to Aaron, even though Aaron had handed them to him voluntarily following the death of his sister Liv.

In later sequences, Vinny will be seen to be angry and afraid as Aaron’s demands escalate in severity. When Vinny attempts to play on his good side, Aaron tells him that he no longer has any.

Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) quickly alerts Chas to Aaron’s bullying, but Vinny is concerned about bothering his mother Mandy (Lisa Riley) with his problems.

Since his return, Aaron has only caused trouble (Picture: ITV).

After learning all about Aaron’s bullying from Billy, Chas confronts Aaron in the latest spoiler video for his deplorable behavior.

As Chas yells at him down the street, Aaron attempts to dodge her, but finally he has to turn around and face the music.

Asking him whether he’s been terrorizing Vinny, she gets right to the point, stating that Billy had seen him harassing his old pal.

Aaron made it plain that Billy shouldn’t have interfered with his affairs, but Chas shot him down again, inquiring as to if he intended to attack him as well.

Aaron refused to listen to her attempts to reason with him, advising him to blame her for Vinny’s attempts to get him to remain rather than take it out on him.

Aaron became upset and blamed Vinny for Liv’s death when Chas persisted in defending Vinny by mentioning how much Liv loved him.

He continued, accusing Vinny of “profiting from her death” and asserting ownership of Mill Cottage and the scrapyard, which Aaron thought were his. He did this to show his disdain.

After Liv’s untimely death, Chas was eager to point out that he had given them to him cheerfully, but Aaron maintained that Vinny had preyed on his grief.

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