Emmerdale spoilers: Bernice’s prison release bombshell is revealed as a prominent character departs permanently

Bernice’s scheme unravels (Image: ITV)

Bernice “Through-Money Burn” When Blackstock’s “dream” that the B&B would make her wealthy in Emmerdale comes crumbling down, she is going to have to face the music head-on.

In an attempt to increase the number of butts on seats and bodies in beds, Bernice (Samantha Giles), despite the B&B’s recent collapse in profitability, has been gorging on everything from elegant candles to a bucket full of worthless farmer’s market vegetables.

However, it appears that blowing all that cash without any winnings from gamblers is a bad business move, and Bernice is now in danger of going bankrupt.

“[Bernice] is locked in a delusion of hoping that the B&B would suddenly take off and become tremendously successful, creating billionaires out of her and Bob,” actress Samantha Giles said in her explanation.

As things became worse, Bernice attempted to take matters into her own hands by filing a false claim in Nicola’s name.

“It began shortly after they were able to purchase the land,” Samantha disclosed, “She has become kind of hooked to the thrill of’success’ and being creative with how it appears.’ She is preoccupied with making everything seem great.” The opening was a huge success.

Nicola is in a precarious situation (Image: ITV)

But as Jimmy (Nick Miles) is about to find out the whole truth, reality is setting in for the business owner. He is horrified to learn that law enforcement officials have begun taking their possessions because of the twenty grand that they were unaware of.

Bernice does a bunk rather of looking into said music. More bad news for the villagers comes when Bob (Tony Audenshaw) discovers that she hasn’t been paying their suppliers, and it appears that their company is about to fail. And when Gabby (Rosie Bentham) finds out her mother has abandoned her once more, it breaks her heart.

Nicola moves forward. (Image: ITV)

Nicola observes that Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) is acting a little strangely, but she is unaware that Cathy is aware of Berniece’s location. At Brook Cottage, Bernice is trying to stay out of the spotlight so she won’t be prosecuted for her crime.

The situation for the ex-beautician has quickly gotten worse, as Samantha revealed that the gullible Bernice had never given jail a thought: “I think she thought she’d be able to pay it off quite quickly and that Nicola would be none the wiser, but of course, it hasn’t happened like that.”

Since her sister has spent years honing her investigative skills as the village’s nosy parker, Bernice underestimates her sister’s ability to find information while she is hiding, and Nicola finds her. Then, before Bernice can flee and get away from her debt, she stops her from doing so.

Nicola is not sympathetic to her sister; instead, she is making a proposal to her. Bernice may either accept the arrangement or Nicola will make sure her sibling is imprisoned by going directly to the police.

Is Nicola going to throw her own sister in jail?

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