Amidst a contentious plot, an Emmerdale actress reveals a dramatic Christmas for Rhona.

Rhona receives some startling information (Image: ITV)

A tense Christmas for the marriage is approaching, as Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) has been keeping a big secret from his wife Rhona (Zoe Henry). This secret will soon be revealed in forthcoming Emmerdale scenes.

A recent flashback showed that Marlon had accidentally run with Rhona’s former boyfriend Gus and his spouse Lucy in the hospital, only to discover that Lucy was expecting a child.

Marlon was wary right away since Gus had been snooping around earlier in the year, attempting to obtain authorization to utilize one of Rhona’s embryos, despite her firm insistence that she didn’t want him to.

Rhona will be left in complete shock when Marlon accidentally reveals that Gus and Lucy had exploited her embryo in later scenes.

Actress Zoe Henry added, “At first, she’s pretty upset with Marlon for doing that, but as the day goes on, she really says, “I wouldn’t have wanted to be the one to tell me either.”

She understands. Really, though, it’s simply the shock. Something that she firmly believed she had laid to rest fifteen years ago has returned and is getting closer.

“How can you ever begin to grasp the magnitude of that?” The news is incredibly startling, and she feels as like the rug has been yanked out from under her. There is no right or wrong way to respond to it. How on earth do you comprehend that?

As Gus attempts to get away, Rhona approaches him (Picture: ITV)

Soon after, Rhona finds herself addressing Gus, who is obviously attempting to flee before being discovered.

She’s furious, as you would be, and it’s explosive. No, she said. He did make an effort to act morally, follow the proper procedures, and get authorization. She gave it a great deal of thinking before saying no.

Naturally, he just went on and completed the task nevertheless, which is fraud and encompasses all the actions you should avoid. She is enraged, and it’s really explosive.

Lucy gives birth (Image: ITV)

When Lucy goes into labor and Rhona is forced to drive her to the hospital, things only become more dramatic.

Considering her line of work and personality, I believe she is a kind individual. She may speak bluntly and have a large mouth, but her heart is in the right place.

“I believe that at that moment, her only concern is her instinct taking over and making the correct decision for Lucy, which is ensuring that she gets to the hospital and the baby is delivered safely.” Everything becomes a little repetitive.

She almost enters “vet mode,” which sounds terrible because it’s obvious that she’s a baby and not an animal. She starts to think very practically.

Zoe has hinted at an interesting Christmas ahead in terms of where the plot will go from here.

They have a packed Christmas schedule ahead of them, including some maybe unexpected visitors. Really, I believe we have a long journey ahead of us. Nothing is ever simple or clear-cut, is it? However, I believe that everyone concerned is in a very difficult situation here. It ought to be really entertaining to watch.

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