Shona McGarty sends her new partner a heartfelt photo and heartfelt note.

Shona McGarty has revealed that she is seeing someone new. (Photos: REX/Shutterstock/Instagram/David Bracken)

Shona McGarty, an EastEnder, is still in the honeymoon phase with her new partner, as seen by her most recent Instagram photo.

The actress, who rose to fame on the BBC One serial opera as Whitney Dean, is presently seeing musician David Bracken of the band Blessed.

Shona, 32, posted a grainy black-and-white photo of herself with David on Instagram Stories, stating just, “Love.”

The celebrity included a lovely quotation about meeting someone who makes you feel “alive and invigorated” on a different slide.

The pair has been posting adorable pictures to Instagram on a daily basis. The musician and Shona were spotted on an aircraft only last week. David had written a heartfelt note next to the photo, which read, “Family time and our first flight together.” “@shonabmx #love #myworld #family #ireland #bestfriends”

Shona was seeing Ben Mitchell’s co-star Max Bowden before she started dating David.

oh my (Photo from Instagram/@shonabmx)
Being the “best version of yourself” was the sweet message that Shona offered. (Photo from Instagram/@shonabmx)

After dating for six months, the celebrities declared their breakup in October 2022, saying it wasn’t “the perfect moment.”
Max’s life has been quite busy, and having Shona involved was making things much more difficult. It’s simply not the right moment, but Max will always love and respect Shona,” the insider said at the time, as reported by The Sun.

Fortunately, there aren’t many situations when they interact, so everyone on set is trying to keep things as un uncomfortable as possible.

The soap star, who has spent 15 years portraying Whitney, will shortly be leaving EastEnders, it was announced.

After 15 years, Shona stated she will be leaving EastEnders (picture courtesy of BBC).

“It wasn’t an easy choice because I’ve made so many friends,” Shona said in an interview with Inside Soap about leaving. I’ve seen a lot of individuals come and go, but Whitney has remained one of the most enduring figures.

‘I’ve been tasked with handling hard material year after year, and I’ve had so much joy working on so many themes, some of which have been delicate.

I know I’ll be sorry to leave my friends and family, but it was the correct thing for me to do because I have other things I want to do. “I’ve had a very decent run after 15 years!”

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