“Brutal” scenes involving Eric Pollard startled Emmerdale viewers.

Parkinson’s affects Eric. (Image: ITV)

Following the horrific disposal of Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) by Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell), Emmerdale viewers had a lot to say.

Last week (November 1), in tense moments, Eric revealed to Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) that he had Parkinson’s.

Then, a broken-hearted Eric requested Mandy to keep his sickness a secret since he thought the best course of action was to fight the battle without his loved ones knowing.

Of course, partner Brenda began to question what was going on since Eric’s behavior had altered.

Eric broke up with Brenda in an attempt to drive her away, claiming that he had never loved her and that Faith (Sally Dexter) and Val (Charlie Hardwick) were always better than her.

The only individuals who are aware of the reality are Mandy and Jacob (Picture: ITV).

Many fans expressed their opinions on Eric’s choice to keep Brenda at a distance on Twitter and X, with some calling the moments “cruel.”

Someone wrote, “Oh Eric, please tell Brenda what’s going on, for heavens sake!”

“God, that was awful from Eric – claiming that he never loved Brenda,” said another.

Given that Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) is also cognizant of Eric’s situation, what is the duration till Brenda discovers the truth?

Speaking about his new plot, Chris Chittell recently stated:

“I am really honored to have been assigned this plot.” Parkinson’s disease targets a great deal of people in an indiscriminate, dishonest, and cruel way. I want to tell this narrative in a way that honors the bravest individuals who are suffering the most from this illness.

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