Working with music titans in a major career transition, the Emmerdale star

2010 saw Lyndon Ogbourne, a former Emmerdale star, depart the serial opera (Picture: ITV).

Lyndon Ogbourne, a former Emmerdale actor, changed his focus to a career in film and television.

The actor gained notoriety for his portrayal of the menacing Nathan Wylde in the 2009 ITV serial drama.

But he chose to leave the cast of the soap opera after just a single year.

For those who are curious about the 40-year-old’s current whereabouts, he is content with his life as a highly accomplished production designer employed by LSD Studio’s art department.

And it’s true that some very major A-list celebrities have taken notice of his abilities.

The former actress, who gave birth to a baby in 2020, collaborated with singer Tom Walker, Spice Girls member Geri Halliwell, and model Bella Hadid for a high-profile magazine cover shot.

Ginger Spice has truly found success with the stay (Picture: Getty).

Not only that, but he has contributed to the development of successful advertising campaigns for major fashion brands like ASOS and Nike.

Not bad at all!

2020 saw the release of a number of adorable images and videos that Lyndon and his wife Marina used to announce the arrival of their baby.

Jack River Ogbourne, he wrote. 02/03/2020. Marina, I never realized I could love you more than I already do. We have a genuine angel thanks to you.

I’m grateful. Beyond the stars overcome.

Audiences are most familiar with Lyndon from his brilliant portrayal of the menacing Nathan in Emmerdale, where he played the oldest son of Natasha and Mark Wylde (played by Amanda Donohoe and Maxwell Caulfield) between 2009 and 2010. During that period, he was involved in several high-profile storylines.

The most well-known plot Nathan was involved in was the cover-up of his father’s death, where he chose to assist his mother Natasha in framing Mark’s death on behalf of Ryan Lamb (James Sutton). He had nothing left by the time he left the village.

Apart from Emmerdale, Lyndon was also a part of the long-running television series Spooks, a Robin Hood TV adaption, and the medical drama Doctors.

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