Kellie Bright, actress of EastEnders, sends heartfelt message about her kid

The lengthy process of obtaining an Educational Health Care (EHC) assessment for her son was the subject of an emotional message given by EastEnder Kellie Bright.

The 47-year-old Linda Carter actor, who is a mother to 11-year-old Freddie, 6-year-old Gene, and 1-year-old Rudy, published a touching Instagram post about her son’s special education needs (SEN).

According to the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant, “it’s a really significant time to share,” even though she “wouldn’t ordinarily write such a personal message” on social media.

“I am the mother of a child with SEN,” she started off. To those who are unaware, it stands for Special Educational Needs. SEND, or Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, is another name for it.

Since March of this year, my spouse and I have been battling for an EHC assessment. In the beginning, we were rejected. We then sought mediation, but they never responded to us with a date, so we decided to file an appeal.

We were in the middle of an appeal procedure that would have taken place at the end of December or the beginning of January, she said, proceeding to a paper tribunal. We were required to resubmit all of our documents to the tribunal and our local authorities around three or four weeks ago.

Since 2013, Kellie has portrayed Linda Carter (Picture: BBC).

After revealing that an evaluation has finally been agreed upon, Kellie broke down in tears and said, “I have just gotten an email to tell that they have agreed to assess my kid.”

“It is a step closer, and it has taken eight months of such hard work, dedication, and battling to get to this point. Now, in no way does this indicate he will achieve the needs of the evaluation and get the care and support that we think he needs.”

“And I am extremely delighted, but I have wept a lot of tears,” she said in closing. It seems like a significant day. So, I wish everyone else in a similar situation luck.

Former EastEnders co-stars Rose Ayling-Ellis (Frankie Lewis) and other co-stars showered Kellie with support, saying, “Your kid is blessed to have you both as his parents who won’t give up fighting.” The system is clumsy and inflexible. Many blessings and love to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

For Linda, Kellie’s alter persona, things won’t be getting any easier in the upcoming months as she’s going to be a part of a major murder plot that was hinted at a few months ago in a historic flash-forward sequence.

In dispute was a scenario where Linda and several other Walford ladies were standing over a dead male corpse—whose name has not yet been revealed.

“I am thrilled by The Six plot,” Kellie said. “When I have a large tale, butterflies and anxiety still come to me.” I know I have to do it, and I truly want it to be fantastic.

I can’t wait to collaborate with the other five women and accomplish some amazing, sensual things with them. I think it’s great that the show has this hidden structure the entire year; it’s quite creative.

I am truly embracing the idea that I am a part of something that has never been done before because I adore it. I have the impression that I am at the base of the mountain, ready to begin the ascent, and even though I know the view at the summit will be breathtaking, getting there still requires climbing!

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