Not a lover! Letitia Dean, an actress from EastEnders, urges Karen to “f*** off” using prop

The prop fit in well with their current plot! (Image: Lorraine Stanley on Instagram)

Legendary EastEnder Letitia Dean loves to maintain her composure on set, and her latest prop fits her recent narrative well.

Recently, actress Lorraine Stanley, who portrays Karen Taylor on the BBC soap opera, has started posting images of her fan base on social media. Almost all of the posts have included some very foul language!

We can’t stop laughing at her most recent fan, which so wonderfully captures Sharon’s sentiments for Karen in recent moments.

If EastEnders hadn’t been a pre-watershed program, we can only assume that Sharon would have yelled, “F*** off Karen,” during yesterday night’s (November 9) episode!

As viewers are aware, Karen and Sharon have never had the nicest relationship, but following Albie’s abduction tragedy, Sharon was eager to put the past behind her boyfriend’s mother.

Sharon is unaware that Karen was truly involved in Albie’s abduction because it was her who Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) went to for assistance after making up the story that Albie had been abducted.

After a harrowing episode last night in which Thomas Law and Clay Milner Russell’s characters, Peter and Bobby Beale, were left battling for their lives, Karen and Sharon appeared to be making amends as they sat down for a cup of tea together.

They were back to square one when Karen couldn’t help but make crude remarks about how long Sharon’s relationships had been.

It was evident that Karen was still not in favor of their relationship, as Sharon later revealed to Keanu.

She noted that although she was obviously mistaken, she had assumed that all that had transpired with Albie would have put things in perspective.

Given that Karen is expected to depart the program soon, we can’t help but wonder if Sharon will be happy to see her go.

Maybe she’ll even say something like what Letitia Dean said on her fan!

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