Samantha Giles explains her decision to leave Emmerdale.

Bernice is about to depart from the Emmerdale community (Image: ITV)

Actress Samantha Giles has shared her thoughts on her time on the ITV soap opera, Emmerdale, as Bernice Blackstock prepares to leave the community soon.

In future sequences, Bernice will likely run afoul of both her family and the law as it is revealed that she has accrued a fictitious £20,000 debt. Bernice also seems to be on the run.

When he finds out that she hasn’t been paying suppliers, business partner Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) becomes enraged, and daughter Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) is devastated by her mother’s departure.

But as it happens, Bernice isn’t actually running away; rather, she’s hidden in the hamlet, her eyes and ears positioned, appropriately, for Bernice, by Gabrielle Dowling’s character Cathy Hope.

Actress Samantha said that she has enjoyed this part of her character, especially in her last moments where she plays the comedic role that we have all grown to know from Bernice.

“I adore the humor.” If not for the light relief, I could not have continued to perform the role for as long. She is a total fantasist, which is something I adore about her!

After sporadically portraying Bernice since 1998, Samantha is excited to “stretch her wings” and be more creative, but she has also acknowledged what she would miss about the program.

“I hate leaving my coworkers, and I will miss getting my hair and makeup done every day!” My hair alone tells you how much I am missing that already!

Bernice’s last moments are characteristically Bernice (Image: ITV).

Going to work every day is a pattern that takes some getting used to; it’s amazing in some ways since it’s incredibly creative and liberating, but one does obviously miss not getting paid on a daily basis too.

However, I believe it is unhealthy to become overly preoccupied with money. Sure, everyone needs to make a living, but creative people also need to feel free to explore new ideas and create new paintings every day rather than only focusing on the same one.

Samantha is also planning for the future, including a part she will play in the Bradford Alhambra Theatre’s pantomime of Cinderella.

I truly would want to be working on a range of projects, including theater, television, and my novels. I’m a person who enjoys challenges and activity, so maybe the universe will provide me with things and lead me to the places I need to go.

Samantha will have much to occupy her time as an actor, novelist, reiki practitioner, and practicing witch, but she has one major objective in mind.

Since I’ve written myself into every scene of my books, I suppose my goal would be to have one of my books turned into a TV show. It would be incredible to portray a character that I’ve created!

“I recently wrote the first episode and series storyline for my eight-part TV series adaptation of my first Rosemary book, so you never know.”

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