Spoilers for Coronation Street: Amy snaps at Summer as she doesn’t assist the rape victim

When Amy was unable to assist someone, she was upset (Picture: ITV)

In recent Coronation Street scenes, Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) lost her cool and snapped at her closest friend Summer Spellman for not being able to help someone during their drop-in session.

In order to give women and girls who had been victims of sexual assault or violence information on where to get help, Summer and Amy had organized a drop-in session.

The concept was inspired by Amy’s horrifying experience earlier in the year, when she was sexually assaulted by her ex-friend Aaron Sandford.

After Amy’s shift at Alahan’s ended, she gave Summer some flyers to distribute about their impending anti-spiking demonstration and gave her advice on how to set up for the event.

The two then went to the community center, where the drop-in session proved to be a huge success. However, Summer made the terrible observation that a lot of women had gone through similar things to Amy.

Another woman entered and inquired as they were getting ready to go.

Amy reassured Summer that she could take her time and that they would stay to answer any questions even though they were getting ready to pack things.

Summer pointed out a misspelling on the flyers to Amy at that moment, diverting her attention as the woman quickly left, obviously overwhelmed.

Amy realized she was gone when she turned and raced into the street, only to find her nowhere to be seen.

Amy became enraged and yelled at Summer for taking her attention away from the crucial work at hand.

Summer didn’t waste any time in trying to reassure her, telling her that even if she didn’t feel like it, she had already helped a lot of people that day.

Will Amy feel that way, or would her desire to assist others endanger her own well-being and security?

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