Spoilers for EastEnders: A painful memory is stirred by fire, and Keanu’s joke leaves Sharon devastated.

Keanu commits an error (Image: BBC)

In next episodes of EastEnders, Danny Walters’ character Keanu Taylor sticks his foot in it again by making a joke that irritates Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean).

Keanu, for his part, is unlikely to receive any recognition for his parenting abilities anytime soon.

Keanu informed Sharon shortly after their son’s disappearance that he had briefly turned his back on him at the park and discovered that he had vanished by the time he returned.

This was a falsehood that resulted from Keanu’s attempt to remove Albie from the nation going awry.

When Albie came home, Keanu reconciled with Sharon after making her endure every mother’s worst fear.

Even though Keanu claims that the kidnapping helped him realize how much he loves Sharon, he makes a tragic mistake the following week when he tells an inappropriate joke about the café fire.

With Sharon, who is coping with some repressed memories in the wake, it all falls horribly flat.

Sharon recently endured torture from Keanu (Image: BBC)

Paranoid Sharon, who is also having trouble processing what has happened, allows Keanu to pick up Albie from preschool. When they get back, Sharon urges Keanu to pop the question once more so she can say yes.

As Mitch (Roger Griffiths) and Bernie (Clair Norris) get ready to celebrate at the bar, Sharon and Keanu inform them of their engagement back on Cloud 9.

Later, at Number 43, Sharon gets a call from the hospital asking for an urgent meeting to go over Albie’s test findings, which worries her.

However, what is wrong with the young man?

And how will the news affect Keanu and Sharon?

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