Spoilers for Emmerdale: Gabby is devastated as leaving Bernice wrecks her.

In forthcoming episodes of Emmerdale, Samantha Giles’ character Bernice will find her family severely impacted by her uncontrolled spending, leaving her life in shambles.

Bernice tried to spend her way out of the B&B’s financial woes, and filling Dame Judi Dench with pricey scented candles was only the tip of the spear.

She was compelled to take out a loan as a result of her mounting obligations, but she did so under her sister Nicola King’s (Nicola Wheeler) name. It wasn’t until the bailiffs showed over and began packing the King family’s belongings into a van that Nicola realized this.

Nicola naturally saw that someone had falsely obtained the loan in her name and contested it, but she felt totally deceived to learn that her sister was the one who had placed her in such a dire circumstance.

Gabby’s agitated. (Image: ITV)

In later episodes, Bernice chooses to flee rather than accept responsibility for her actions.

Her friends and family are in complete disarray as a result. With such a large debt in their names, Nicola and Jimmy (Nick Miles) are finding it difficult to cope. Jimmy attempts to persuade Nicola to denounce Bernice’s fraud.

Bernice finds herself in a dire situation. (Image: ITV)

When Bob (Tony Audenshaw) discovers that Bernice hasn’t been paying the bills, he is forced to handle a flurry of irate vendors.

Furthermore, Gabby (Rosie Bentham) thinks that her mother has abandoned her once more.

When Gabby was a little girl, Bernice left the town to work on a cruise ship, leaving her daughter only a few months old. Before Bernice came to the town and the two of them were reunited, Gabby was raised by her father, Ashley (John Middleton), and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy).

When Bernice moved to Australia, she abandoned the community once more. She didn’t come back until Gabby became pregnant with Thomas and moved in with the Tates. Mother and daughter had a rough reunion, and their reunification has happened gradually.

As this new spoiler video reveals, poor Gabby is faced with the realization that her mother has abandoned her once more after Bernice ran away from her duties and left the town and Samantha Giles departed the position to work on other projects.

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