Emmerdale spoilers: A scary scene reveals Rhona’s big birth twist

Rhona’s feelings overflow (Image: ITV)

For Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry), a routine day in the village is about to take a dramatic turn when she reunites with her former partner Gus and his pregnant partner Lucy.

Gus and Lucy were unable to conceive naturally, so a few months ago they came to the village and asked Rhona if they might utilize one of her stored embryos.

Marlon (Mark Charnock) ran into Gus and Lucy last week while visiting the hospital and enquired about the pregnancy right away.

In the end, Gus admitted that he had taken on Rhona’s identity in order to get the embryos. Marlon also referred to Gus as a robber and reminded the pair that Rhona still has no idea that Lucy would give birth to a kid that she is biologically linked to.

Rhona won’t remain in the dark for very long since in later episodes, Marlon will eventually inform her about Gus and Lucy.

As the day goes on, she really adds, “I wouldn’t have wanted to be the one to tell me either,” despite her initial outrage at Marlon for doing that. Zoe Henry commented, “She understands it.”

Rhona’s life radically transforms (Image: ITV)

But actually, it’s simply the shock. Something that she firmly believed she had laid to rest fifteen years ago has returned and is getting closer. How can you even begin to realize how big that is? The news is incredibly startling, and she feels as like the rug has been yanked out from under her. There is no right or wrong way to respond to it. How in the world can you comprehend that?

Rhona makes the decision to talk to Gus and makes plans to meet up the next day with the assistance of Marlon and Mary (Louise Jameson).

Rhona finds herself going to Gus’ house when he doesn’t show up, but when she gets there, she witnesses him attempting to flee with luggage.

When Lucy finally appears to confront Gus, Rhona is left stunned—and to her horror, Lucy goes into labor!

Rhona and Lucy’s unborn child are connected biologically (Image: ITV).

With no other option, Rhona instructs Gus to assist Lucy into her car as she gets ready to take her to the hospital.

“When I read these tales, especially the more complex ones, I try to imagine how I would approach it if I were the author,” Zoe continued.

The idea that anything like that would be kept a secret from you is similar to what Gus and Lucy were attempting to accomplish; if Marlon hadn’t witnessed them, they most likely would have carried it out. While it would be simple to argue that it would be better if she never knew, the idea that your kid is out there someplace and you are unable to share in its existence is unsettling, so I believe it is probably appropriate that she be aware of it.

Before 2023 comes to a conclusion, Zoe gave a sneak peek at what Rhona and her family have in store: “They’ve got a really busy Christmas coming up with a few possibly unexpected guests.” Really, I believe we have a long journey ahead of us.

Nothing is ever simple or clear-cut, is it? However, I believe that everyone concerned is in a very difficult situation here. It ought to be really entertaining to watch.

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