Spoilers for Coronation Street: Danger as Hope, a small youngster, is sold vapes by Dylan, the bullies

Dylan goes after Hope. (Image: ITV)

In Coronation Street, Mason Radcliffe (Luca Toolan) has already shown to be a major problem, particularly for Dylan Wilson (Liam McCheyne).

Mason has been friendly with Dylan since he started at the school, or at least seems to be trying to. Mason, who actor Luca Toolan characterized as a “very furious and tormented soul,” has targeted the less certain youngster, who moved to Weatherfield recently and is now more susceptible to influence from someone he considers cool.

Dylan and Mason are already at odds as we begin a new week in Weatherfield because Dylan owes Mason money from a bet. Dylan was sacked by Brian (Peter Gunn) when Mason threw the papers from his paper round into a puddle because Dylan wouldn’t pay up.

Mason devises a scheme as Dylan frets about how he’s going to provide Mason the money he demands—especially since he’s bereft of a job.

Mason encourages Dylan to handle his dirty job so he may sell vapes to the other students at school, even though he knows he could get in trouble for it.

Dylan has been having an awful time with Mason. (Image: ITV)

Dylan, in contrast to Mason, has some moral reservations and stops at selling the vapes to the younger children. Mason isn’t put off when Dylan refuses to sell Hope the vape when Hope (Isabella Flanagan) wants to purchase one and he points out that she is only 12 years old.

Dylan finds himself in serious difficulty as Hope quickly tells Sean (Antony Cotton) about his son’s activities. When Sean discovers that Dylan has been selling vapes to minors, he becomes enraged and throws away the remaining vapes after demanding to know what Dylan was thinking.

Sean wants to find out who is behind it since he knows deep down that Dylan wouldn’t do it if he weren’t forced to. Sean guesses and threatens to phone the police as a scared Dylan won’t say Mason’s name.

Dylan runs, but soon he has to confront Mason, who is enraged to learn that the last of the vapes has been taken out.

He demands that Dylan give him the fancy sneakers that Sean purchased for him as he focuses on finding a new source of money. Dylan is aware that Sean had to sell some of his belongings in order to pay for them; would he comply with Mason’s request?

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