Spoilers for EastEnders: Keanu proposes after Sharon makes a new request, but tragedy is on the way

It seems to be back online (Image: BBC)

In upcoming episodes of EastEnders, Danny Walters’ character Keanu Taylor makes a marriage proposal to Sharon Watts, played by Letitia Dean, believing that they can now look forward to a happy future together.

Little Albie vanished recently, putting Sharon through the greatest horror experienced by any mother.

Even while Sharon appreciated Keanu’s efforts to assist, she was unaware that the kidnapping was actually the consequence of Keanu’s failed attempt to get Albie out of the country.

After Albie finally made it back home, Keanu said he wanted to get back together with Sharon since the experience had shown him how much he loved her.

Next, after being spooked by the café fire, Keanu makes a dumb error by misjudging Sharon and making a joke that doesn’t work.

Sharon, still in shock about Albie’s abduction, then permits Keanu to pick him up from pre-school.

The joy won’t last very long (Image: BBC)

Sharon urges him to pop the question once again when he gets back so she may say yes.

During the week, as they get ready for a pub party, a happily engaged Sharon and Keanu inform Mitch (Roger Griffiths) and Bernie (Clair Norris) of their union.

Subsequently, after returning home, Sharon receives some unsettling news from the hospital, requesting an immediate meeting to go over Albie’s test findings.

Sharon opens the meeting without Keanu because he is running late for the scheduled time.

When Keanu finally shows there, the couple is taken aback to hear about their son.
As the week comes to a conclusion, Sharon loses it and lashes out at Keanu at the bar for prolonging their engagement cocktails at the same time as Albie’s situation is developing.

When Zack (James Farrar) sees Sharon crying and telling everything to Denny on his seat, will she be able to handle this?

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